21 Jul



It’s Called University

13 Jul

Ok, as I said before I already uni. Sadly yes, this early. But owell, I was hoping to be in a new situation asap anyway, because I was starting to get bored of the holidays. And so yea, now I’m already in my dorm called Binus Square, settling in for the next 3,5 years of study in the always-jammed and crowded city called Jakarta!  Well you might be wondering why I enter uni so fast. The answer is plainly because I enter a Smart Program class in my university, which is Binus University, and that class is an English speaking class, or you may say an International-Targeted class. Therefore students who join the class has been given the chance to improve through the 100-hour English Class, and I took that chance. Simple right?

So, I arrived in Jakarta on Thursday last week, and now I stay at the Binus dormitory. Unfortunately my roommate, who is a senior, is having her holiday so she’s not here with me right now. Or else I would upload pictures of us going crazy together. And you know what’s good about my roommate? She’s majoring in English Literature so I wouldn’t have to matter about speaking in English or in Bahasa with her. We’ll probably understand each other easily. *hopefully*

Ok, moving on to my class. Hmm, what’s there to talk about my class? Well, my class consist of 56 students (including those who are absent since the first class). It varies from the Accounting Department, IT Department, IS Department, to Management Department. And also not everybody in my class will be learning in Kemanggisan, some will later learn at Alam Sutra Campus (but they’ll still have to come to Kemanggisan once a week, for an unknown reason. I mean I don’t know). And so far I have found five future classmate, and believe it is a RELIEF to know that in this English class I’m not the only one majoring in IS and learning at Kemanggisan. And thankfully, out of those five, most of ’em are ladiesss. OOOHHH. Now if you come to my class you would probably be amazed by the students, we’re all so different in our own ways. We’re all so unique and I’m glad that I am placed in this class.

As for the lecturers, so far we’ve only met three lecturers. And the most fun is Sir AJ and Sir Almo. Lemme say it again, SO FAR. Therefore it might change. Teehee. Anyways, why these two lecturers? Simply because they deliver the lesson in clear way and their teaching isn’t boring. FIRE BURNING IS WHAT TALKING ABOUT BABYY!! YEAAA!! Well it’s the only the first three days of class, so there’s more to come. Just gotta prepare myself for the surprises from the Big Boss 🙂


N.B.: you’re wondering why I am back on wordpress? Well I am partially not. I just use my wordpress again because Sir AJ asked us to. He said some of our writing assignments will be marked through our blog, and preferably wordpress. So yea, I’m back here. But still my Tumblr is my primary blog 🙂 so enjoy!

13 Jul

They are what you call family :')

well, here i am!

13 Jul

yes I am back. after a super duper looooooooong break since the end of the board exams. and guess what? I freakin passed baby! B)

well, I definitely had the best holiday ever (holiday before entering uni). After the board exams, I had a trip to Singapore with my sister. It was definitely a sister-quality-time, and we had total fun there. Even though I was sick, and it bugged my sister like hell, but we had a lot of fun. We visited a few museums, of course to make my sister happy so she can see all the amazing artworks, while I just walk around like a zombie, not knowing what to do and barely can’t understand the message contained in the artworks. *my-bad*

all in all, spending quality time with your is never a wrong choice. it seriously isn’t.

and now? i’m in university baby! ha! it’s so great to be in different situation now, to meet new people and just have responsibilities, tasks, assignments again. and i am not kidding. i somehow miss all those homework and assignments. and i hope this great desire to learn and responsible-act continues til later. well, i’ll make another post, my writing just cant flow in this one. haha #thatsabull

Who are you?

13 Jul

It’s the second semester of 2011, take a break and look at yourself. Which generation are you? Dust? or Sand, that wavers all the time? or Star, a still and bright generation?


18 Dec

hey! i guess i’m moving to another platform. it will be the last though. here it is,

scribbled world.

can’t resist!

2 Dec

i just can’t resist the tempation to write about what just happened to me.

eniweis, i went to my KM (Komunitas Sel Mesianik/Messianic Cell Community) with my friend, Dora. And so, I am also going home with her. We went home at 10 pm and when we just passed the market in taman griya, suddenly there’s was this noise coming from the rear tire. I was so scared because I thought something was wrong with the motorbike and that we would reach home late. So then we stopped in front of Dailymart. It turned out that the chain was off from its place (i don’t what it’s called :-P). We both had no phone credit and most of the shops were closed. So we walked to find a bengkel, and at the same time to find phone credit seller, because we thought the one near Dailymart was already closed. After walking around, greeted by anonymous people, scared because of empty and dark houses, we went to the place where we left the motorbike. Thank God Dora’s father was repairing the motorbike and thank God, again, because it’s not a really serious problem. But still. We traded motorbikes because we were scared that it would happen again when we go uphill.

So then we left taman griya at about 10.30 pm. AMAZINGLY, there was a raid in Unud, so then we had stop again. Dora took her license and the vehicle registration letter out, but it turned out that the police was just looking at our baggage. uugghh!

so, chronologically, it started with blackout in my suburb. Then the KM that’s full with laughter. Then the broken motorbike. Walk around. Greeted by anonymous people. Scared by the empty and dark houses. Motorbike trade. Baggage raid. And finally, home sweet home. 😉

oh! and i also found this on RedBubble, art piece by Jegustavsen. But apparently I can’t upload the file, so just look here.